Emily: Emergence

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The Characters

Dr. Carnegie

The Story

Dr. Raymundo Carnegie has invented a "Future Field" generator. He can’t wait to try it out on the right subject. Along comes math whiz Emily Shin knocking on his door and, as Dr. Carnegie puts it, "you’re perfect for this.""

The good news is that the Future Field will amplify Emily’s already awesome math genius. This could lead to giant leaps in human achievement that will benefit the world. The bad news is that Emily’s exposure to the Field will be really bad for anyone that Emily cares about.

Dr. Carnegie is not one of those evil mad scientists -- just a highly motivated one. So he makes sure that Emily understands what’s about to happen. He makes sure that no one is the “target” of her affection.

It would probably have worked out OK except that people are often out of touch with their feelings. In addition, just as Dr. Carnegie is about to turn on the Field he becomes aware that they are attracted to each other.

To make things even more urgent, the cops are looking for Dr. Carnegie. Emily’s friends, Carol and her clueless boyfriend Cox, are looking for Emily. And Dr. Carnegie’s lovable misshapen dog, Niels, is looking for a bone.

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